Free Website & Free Hosting

No Setup Fees, No Monthly Fees
  • Online website builder with design templates.
  • Connect to your own domain name for free.
  • No credit card needed, the price is $0.

What's The Catch?

It really is free, but is not right for everyone, so please read our complete list of hosting plans (see below) before you make a decision. Free hosting is a great way to get started if that is all you can afford, but not the best way to run a business. With paid hosting, for as little as $3/month, you can have all the tools you need to make money online.

Below is our list of recommended hosting options, covering the 5 most common hosting scenarios:

Choice #1: Free Hosting - This is the option we already described. Use our online website builder to publish your page instantly. Free connection to your domain name and free SSL certificate (helps get you ranked higher in Google). To sell a product or service, add a "Buy Now" button from PayPal or Stripe. But, this free hosting gives you only the most basic way to sell products and requires web design abilities, so if you can afford a paid plan, it is well worth it.
Click Here For Free Hosting - $0/month

Choice #2: Low-Cost Hosting - Design your site in WordPress, which powers over 1/3 of all websites. It began many years ago as a tool for publishing blogs but is now used for building all types of sites, with thousands of free plugins available, including WooCommerce, which is the world's most popular e-commerce software. The downside is that WordPress has security problems and accounts for over 90% of all website platform hacks. These security issues can best be solved by using what is known as "Managed WordPress Hosting," which is where your web host proactively monitors vulnerabilities and blocks hackers, malware, and other threats. They also optimize the server so it displays WordPress sites much faster than usual.
Click Here For Hostinger Managed WordPress Hosting - $3/month

Choice #3: Cloud Hosting - Managed WordPress hosting again, but this time in the cloud. With other managed WordPress hosts, you need to prepay for at least a year to get low pricing. With Cloud hosting, you pay by the hour. Cancel any time and only pay for what you actually used. And, there are all sorts of other advanced features that make it easier to manage than traditional hosting. If you don't want to lock yourself into a long-term plan and want to host like Amazon and Google do, this is the server for you.
Click Here For Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting - $10/month

Choice #4: E-Commerce Hosting - If you plan to make a real business out of selling products online, it is worth paying for Shopify, which is specifically made for running e-commerce sites. It makes life much easier for the store owner, letting them focus on running their business instead of dealing with technical issues. In addition to the usual shopping cart features, you can detect fraudulent orders, print shipping labels, create manual orders, have staff accounts, accept in-person payments, and get UPS and USPS discounts. There are also ways to increase sales, like using abandoned cart recovery, discount codes, wishlists, upsells, and gift cards. Boost your revenue even further by selling on Instagram, Amazon, Facebook Messenger, eBay, Facebook Shops, Etsy, and Walmart Marketplace; and through email lists, affiliates, SEO, giveaways, and advertising. All integrated into one easy-to-use dashboard.
Click Here For Shopify E-Commerce Hosting - $29/month

Choice #5: Sales Funnels - If your goal is to get rich online selling physical goods, digital downloads, virtual services, or memberships, take a look at sales funnels (also known as "customer funnels," "purchase funnels," or "conversion funnels"). This is a modern digital marketing concept that completely re-imagines how a website should be created. No longer will you use a main company/store page and boring subpages (About Us, Contact Us, etc.). Instead, picture water flowing through a real-world funnel. The goal is to pour sales prospects into the top of your funnel and move them through multiple stages of marketing tactics, turning them into buyers. The funnel consists of various sales tools such as social media campaigns, email marketing, and landing pages, all combined into one central package. Everything is tracked and tested to see what works best. Think of it as a way dramatically to increase your sales conversion rate and then run ads that make more money than you are spending. Once this happens, you can scale and create an automated selling machine with limitless income potential.
Click Here For

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